Welcome To The Zone - The Video

Join Scott Ford, Performance Specialist and USPTA tennis professional as he takes you on a journey into the peak performance experience known as "The Zone."

Using live-action and easy-to-understand graphics, you will see the game of tennis from a completely unique perspective.

Learn how to use your eyes in what sports vision professionals consider the most efficient and accurate visual pattern for fast-moving ball sports.

This 3-part series shows you how to get into the zone, how to maintain the zone, and finally, how to play the game of tennis "in the present."

"Scott has devoted his entire pofessional career to understanding and mastering the zone in tennis. His training system is both effective and practical. His approach clearly demonstrates the imporance of visualization in achieving peak performance."

--Jim Loehr, Ph.D.
Author of "The Power of Full Engagement" 

"The Parallel Mode Process may be the most important discovery in sports performance over the past 50 years."

--William Hines, M.D.
Team Ophthalmologist, Denver Broncos, Colorado Crush

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