Notes On The Zone

In 1978 I did something intentionally that put me in the zone every time I did it. I didn’t know why it happened, only that every time I did it; I immediately started playing tennis in the zone.

Understandably, I was excited, but what was even more exciting was that when I showed other tennis players what I was doing, they, too, started playing tennis in the zone!

Because of this, I started keeping a personal journal of my experiences with playing tennis "in the zone" as well as my experiences with teaching others to play tennis in the zone.

Needless to say, it has been an interesting journey that has taken me into subject matter that I once considered too “far out” to be taken seriously by respectable USPTA tennis professionals.

The following pages are excerpts from those journals. They are in no particular chronological order, but I have grouped them according to subject matter. New pages will be added every week.

Hope you find them useful!


On Conscious States
Creating Your Reality
Fighting The Battle
Conscious States and the Parallel Interface (New)


On Focal Control
On Controlling Your Visual and Mental Focus
On a Fixed-Focus State
Focusing On Nothing
Proactive Focus

Playing "In The Present"

Parallel Interface, Flow and the Present
On Total Absorption
On Playing In The Present
Playing In The Present

Thoughts on "The Zone"

On Teaching the Zone
On Connecting to the Unified Whole
Journey and Destination
Thoughts on "The Zone"
Quality In = Quality Out
You "In the Zone"
The Secret to the Game
Fear and Joy In Tennis

Peak Performance

On Anticipation
About Performance
On the Peak Performance State
Performance vs Technique
Everything Changes
Biomechanics vs. Operation
On Symmetry and Balance(New)

The Parallel Mode Process

On the Parallel Mode Process
A New Paradigm
On Process and Outcome
System Dynamics and the Zone
The Primary Layer of the Game(New)