Team Arete
Arete Sports' Team of Peak Performance Experts

Team Arete is a group of professional coaches, doctors, scientists and researchers who have contributed to the development of the Parallel Mode Process through their combined knowledge of sports vision, sports psychology, neuroscience, and motor behavior.

The Parallel Mode Process teaches athletes how to switch from their default operating mode (Serial Mode) to their most efficient and accurate operating mode (Parallel Mode).

The change from a Serial Mode of operation to a Parallel Mode of operation not only brings with it a higher level of performance due to the greater efficiency and accuracy of the Parallel Mode, it also brings with it the higher-order state of consciousness known as "flow."

When synthesized, the Parallel Mode's higher level of performance and flow's higher-order consciousness combine to create the human Peak Performance State.

Scott Ford, USPTA, RPT
Michael Mesches, PhD
Bill Hines, MD
Othon Kesend, PhD
Lew Kosich, MS, CPT
Damien Lafont, PhD
Darlene A. Kluka, PhD
Dave DeLancey, CAPT USN, PTR
Kurt Desautels, USTA (CO Section)
Takeshi Shiga, Director, Arete Sports, Japan
Yumio Taniguchi, JPTA, USPTA

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