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This section includes tennis articles by Scott Ford as well as by other authors and experts in the field of peak performance.

Playing in the zone is not limited to tennis. The human peak performance state can be experienced in every sport. In fact, the zone can be experienced in everything you do!

It's really not about "what" you are doing, rather it's about "how" you are doing it.

In other words, it's about the operating mode you use to connect to whatever it is that you are doing.

If you connect to what you are doing in a Serial Mode of operation, then you will create a Serial Mode experience; a normal experience, nothing extraordinary.

But if you connect to what you are doing in a Parallel Mode of operation, they you will create a Parallel Mode experience; the peak experience that has come to be known as "the zone."

These articles mostly discuss the various aspects of playing tennis in the zone, but there are also articles about volleyball as well as outlines and abstracts from the various presentations we have made at sports science and athletic conferences.

The most recent articles, starting with Body-Mind Unity and the Flowing Present, begin to investigate the zone as a transformational practice that not only transforms your game but also transforms your life.

Observational Stance (New)
A little theory for those who are interested
By Scott Ford

Transformation and The Zone
The transformational aspects of playing your sport in the zone.
By Scott Ford

Body-Mind Unity and the Flowing Present
An essay on flowing presence.
by Scott Ford

The 2013 World Series: A Trojan Horse for Consciousness Studies
by Rick Leskowitz, M.D.
EXPLORE March/April 2014, Vol. 10, No. 2

East Meets West
An Integrated Approach to Peak Performance
By Desmond Oon, PhD and Scott Ford, USPTA
Outline of our 2010 Specialty Course for the USPTA.

The Zone: A Short Tennis Mystery
By Scott Ford, USPTA
A little irreverence never hurts!

The Parallel Mode Manual
A Quick Guide To Playing Tennis "In The Zone"
By Scott Ford and Kurt Desautels

From Colorado Tennis
Colorado Tennis 08/2000
Colorado Tennis 10/2000
Colorado Tennis 02/2002
Colorado Tennis 04/2002
Colorado Tennis 06/2002
Colorado Tennis 08/2002
Colorado Tennis 10/2002
Colorado Tennis 12/2002

Parallel Mode: Playing In The Zone
A Sports Psychologist's Experience and Perspective
By Othon Kesend, PhD

Volleyball and 4-Dimensional Symmetry: A model for Performance Enhancement
By Scott Ford,USPTA, Darlene Kluka, PhD, and William Hines, MD
International Journal of Volleyball Research, Vol. 3, No. 1

Abstract: 4-Dimensional Visual/Cognitive/Motor Symmetry: The Athlete in Parallel Mode
By Scott Ford, USPTA, William Hines, MD, Darlene Kluka, PhD
2000 Pre-Olympic World Congress of Sports Science and Health, Brisbane, Australia

4-Dimensional Symmetry: A Theoretical Model of Human Peak Performance
Power-Point Presentation by Scott Ford, USPTA, William Hines, MD, and Darlene Kluka, PhD
2000 Pre-Olympic World Congress of Sports Science and Health, Brisbane, Australia

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